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My artistic practices invite the viewer to be engaged into a space of speculation of our own desires for beauty, fantasy and seduction. My discipline in visual communication has emerged as having worked in hybrid between fine art and digital graphics. I am drawn to the exponential, whether conveyed to you by a single act of information within our culture, or the formal aspects of meditating communication itself. To me, artistic practice is important in order to obtain visualized communication information that has the potential to offer us a new perspective on nature, our present as well as our future. I use ideals, materials and processes in each of my projects, and although there might not always be similarities, or even the use of different styles to express my concerns and thoughts on the subject matter, my methodology is always consistent.


Very dynamic! great piece of work





Very dynamic! great piece of work











I love art and your work, great collection!
Sergey ChekhovMoscow








How long have you been creating artwork?
I’ve been creating artwork since I was six years old.
What medium do you use to create your artwork
Although oils is my favorite medium, I’ve managed to master the mediums of water Color,  Acrylics, airbrush and mixed media and today I create Digital artwork.
Where do you find your inspiration from?
I read novels and watch many Science fiction movies but my greatest inspirations come from people and current events.
Do you have a favorite artist who helped inspire you?
Yes, actually quite a few, growing up I wanted to be like Michael Angelo, as I turned about fifteen I got inspired by Peter Paul Rubens and I became a professional graphic designer I was inspired by Frank Frazetta, Boris Vallejo and many other great artists.
What is your professional work experience?
I’ve been working in the graphics field for the past 30 years, for companies licensed by Disney, NFL, MLB, Honda racing and also as a sub-contractor creating concept and product development artwork for Warner Brothers &  the Cartoon Network. I am currently a graphics teacher at a local High School in Miami Florida.



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